Volunteering is fun and is a core part of the Kwetu Faraja community.  As you prepare for your volunteering experience, visitng Tanzania and the Kwetu Faraja campus, please review the information provided in the menu, and print out the forms below.   The Volunteer Contract must be returned to us before you travel!

  • Gift Giving Guide

    You may want to bring gifts for people you meet.   When bringing gifts for our boys please plan to bring at least 30 pieces so that each boy will have receive something. You can also bring gifts to your hosts – check with them to see if there are any types of things that they need prior to your trip.


    Gifts for our kids:

    1. Black and blue pens
    2. Colored pencils and crayons
    3. Erasers
    4. #2 wooden pencils
    5. Markers
    6. Stickers
    7. Flashlights
    8. Assorted batteries (mostly AA and AAA)
    9. Yarn or twine for making bracelets
    10. Watercolor paints, and brushes
    11. Acrylic paint and brushes
    12. Construction paper
    13. Pencil sharpeners
    14. Scissors
    15. Model clay/dough
    16. Shaving razors
    17. Deodorant (mens)
    18. Fingernail clippers
    19. Toothbrushes
    20. Any hygiene products
    21. Candy
    22. Notebooks
    23. Matchbox cars
    24. bubbles
    25. Underwear – boxer style for teens, brief style for youth
    26. White socks
    27. Water bottles
    28. Water balloons or water guns


    Gifts for our children’s home:

    1. Soccer Shoes
    2. Dry erase boards
    3. Classroom games
    4. Textbooks, novels, educational materials
    5. Plastic clothes pins
    6. Flipflops all sizes
    7. Gently used laptops, phones, music devices
    8. Calculators
    9. Sewing kits
    10. Calendars
    11. Wall clocks
    12. Sturdy black shoes all sizes
    13. DVD movies that are educational, inspirational, or just plain fun!
    14. Playing cards, UNO, other simple games
    15. Jigsaw puzzles



    Gifts for our your hosts:

    1. Reading material – think about bringing some books and leaving them behind
    2. Towels, sheets, washcloths
    3. Seeds for our garden
    4. Spices for our kitchen
    5. Candy



  • Checklist

    Pre-Departure Checklist


    • Get your passport (Passports must have at least 7 months of validity from your return date to USA
    • Schedule doctor’s appointments
    • Schedule required vaccinations/immunizations
    • Check with your health insurance provider to see if you will be covered while abroad. If you are not covered, find a travel health insurance plan.
    • Study the history and culture of the country
    • Read through all documents provided on our website and ask questions if you have any.
    • Talk to your host about what items you may be able to bring to them.


    Packing Checklist


    • Tickets, passports, and other documents
    • Cash, ATM/Credit card (if applicable)
    • Essential clothing
    • Hat and work gloves
    • Flip-flops for shower
    • Compact raincoat or poncho
    • Medications, including malaria prophylaxis
    • First aid items
    • Sunscreen/sun block
    • Insect repellent
    • Notebook and pen
    • Snack foods (if you require snacks you can bring your own, or shop for them locally)
    • Voltage transformer/adapter for electronics
    • Money for baggage fees, souvenirs, snacks, etc.


    NOTE: Don’t plan on using hairdryers, curlers, electric razors (unless battery charged)


    Things to bring and leave at Kwetu Faraja


    • Washcloth/towels
    • Pillows
    • Books
    • Shoes/flip flops, clothing
    • Unused hygiene products like shampoo, lotion, etc.
    • Unused antibiotics/medications

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