Our Purpose

Kwetu Faraja’s objective is to provide opportunities for orphans and vulnerable children to escape the life of poverty and to become independent, well-adjusted, contributing members of society. Since beginning this work, the organization has provided housing and education for 63 street children, of whom 12 have now completed secondary education and have gone to find work to build lives for themselves, 6 have gone to complete university education, and 5 have completed vocational training. Thirty of these children are still living on our campus and continue in their various levels of education. In addition to those children who live on our campus, Kwetu Faraja has provided various levels of assistance, medical care, and advocacy to over 1,000 street children.

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Kwetu Faraja is a Tanzanian Registered Non-Governmental Organization and an American 501(c)(3) Public Charity with Tax Exempt Status.

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