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The Kwetu Faraja campus is located on 35 beautiful acres fronting on Lake Victoria.  Our community in the world is an extended family raised from the streets of Tanzania through acts of love, acceptance, and solidarity. Overcoming homelessness and despair, we empower children to grow into adults who represent a new and vital potential for African leadership. One by one we are rescuing children from the streets and giving them refuge, education, hope, and a new life.


In Tanzania, education is a privilege that not all children are afforded. At Kwetu Faraja we provide education to all of the children living on our campus. Our primary boys attend a private elementary school. The secondary school is a private institution as there are no government secondary schools available in our village. Upon completion of high school each of our children is given an opportunity to continue their education in a college, university, or trade school depending on their placement and ambitions. Currently our boys' education is supported through our sponsorship program. It costs $450 per year to sponsor a primary school student, and $700 per year to sponsor a secondary school student. University and post secondary students scholarships vary depending on the program of study.

Skills for Living:

We believe our children should have a diverse education. In addition to their formal schooling, all of our kids take part in chores around the house; working in the garden, watering plants, helping with farming activities, cleaning their environment. Each chore has application to practical life skills and keeps our boys busy so they stay out of trouble. Our boys love learning and many of them have developed some entrepreneurial skills of their own as a result; raising animals, and fishing!

Holistic Care:

All of the children on our campus have been touched personally by one or more of the following issues: abuse, abandonment, bereavement, physical and/or emotional injury, depression, substance abuse, aggression issues. We provide counseling and advocacy for all of the children in our program. In addition to psychological counseling, we offer spiritual counseling to our children. No child is forced to follow a particular doctrine, but all are exposed to Biblical teaching as a source for comfort and healing.

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Kwetu Faraja is a Tanzanian Registered Non-Governmental Organization and an American 501(c)(3) Public Charity with Tax Exempt Status.

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