Future Projects


Project Status: COMPLETED

Milk Cow Project

Funding Status: FUNDED

We need to have milk for our growing children. We located an agricultural college, and after a wait of one year, we received two pregnant cows, thanks to the generous donation of a Vermont couple and a church in Manhasset, NY. Our cows are named "Holy Cow" and "Congo." Holy Cow gave birth to "Shirley Goodness," in November 2015! Congo is due to deliver in March 2016.


Fishing Project

Funding Status: FUNDED

One of the staple foods in East Africa is a small fish called dagaa, eaten with stiff porridge daily in homes throughout the region. These fish are caught at night using lanterns to attract bugs, which then attract the fish, which in turn are scooped up with huge nets. The fish are dried along the beaches and can then be stored long term. We are thankful to have our boat and fishing supplies funded. Our boat is being built and we will be ready for business soon!


Tractor Project

Funding Status: Not funded

As we continue to increase our farm acreage, it is becoming more and more difficult to plow and plant our fields by hand. We currently are able to manage one or two crops a year, but with a tractor we could plant and harvest 3 times a year. Not only is a tractor a useful tool for farming, but also for maintenance of our campus - road repairs, control of our ditches, shelling maize... a tractor will bring us into a new way of farming!


Computer Project

Funding Status: Not funded

Even in the most rural parts of the globe, technology is creeping in and it is so important to provide education about tools like computers and internet so that our kids are better prepared for their futures. With our coming electricity, we hope to install several computers to be used as an educational resource.


Hauling Vehicle

Funding Status: Not funded

It seems that people always need to haul things in our part of the world - whether it be construction supplies, livestock, tons of grains to be taken to the market, or loads of people for transportation to funerals and weddings... A Hauling vehicle would provide us with another important micro-business opportunity, and would also be a great asset during our development projects.


Fish Farm

Funding Status: Not funded

We hope to develop a tilapia farm on our campus so that we can have constant access to fish and to provide a more consistent diet to our kids. A tilapia farm would be a wonderful micro-business for our organization as we would be able to provide fish for our campus, and for sale in our village.


Library Project

Funding Status: Not funded

Books are a rarity in our part of the world, and libraries are even harder to find. Our goal is to build a library on our campus that can serve our entire village so that we can provide educational tools to everyone who is interested. We are collecting books to have shipped in a container at some point in the future, and we look for funding to build the structure. Books can change lives, and we hope to make a difference in the lives of both children and adults in our community.


Secretary Shop

Funding Status: Not funded

Our goal is to build a secretary/stationary shop where we can sell office supplies and provide typing and printing services in our village. Currently people have to travel for hours to get these services. This micro-business would make a big difference for Kwetu and for our village.


Tailoring Shop

Funding Status: Not funded

Busy, active children are always in need of new clothes or repairs to torn clothing. And each January there is a mad dash to get new school uniforms for the hundreds of pupils in our village. Setting up our own tailoring shop would provide services for our community, and would also be an excellent teaching tool for our kids. A person who knows how to sew can find meaningful work, and can make their own clothes! We have a graduate of Kwetu Faraja who is an excellent tailor and is ready to take on students. He just needs a shop, supplies, and he is ready to go!


Palm Oil Press

Funding Status: Partially funded

We have a palm-oil tree grove on our property and are looking at ways to utilize the fruit to its greatest potential. Currently we are able to make our own cooking oil by hand but it is highly inefficient. A palm fruit press would help us speed up production and would also provide a learning opportunity for our boys.


Rabbits Project

Funding Status: Pending

Our boys need more protein in their diet. A donor has suggested we raise rabbits for meat. A pair of breeding rabbits can produce 150 pounds of meat a year. We need three pairs of breeding rabbits, hutches and supplies for all the rabbits. A rabbit breeding program would enable our boys to learn responsibility, animal husbandry, and would allow hands-on learning of biology to supplement their education.

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