Agriculture Program

Our 35-acre campus is located on the shores of Lake Victoria. We currently have 10 acres of property dedicated to farming and a 2 acre vegetable garden. This agriculture program is part of our sustainability project - growing our own food so that we can rely less on purchasing from other sources. This way our funding can be used for needs that we  are not currently able to provide for without assistance.  Our agriculture program currently provides for 30% of our campus food requirements.

As we are able to expand our property and improve our farming efficiency we hope to one day provide 100% of our food needs.


The crops we grow in our fields are maize, potatoes, and beans. Our garden has dozens of types of fruits and vegetables, and dozens of fruit tree varieties have been planted so that one day soon we will be able to have an even more diverse diet for our kids.


Our children participate in all of the farming activities, learning about agriculture and the importance of growing our own food. Each activity on our campus is used as an educational opportunity so that our children have the tools needed to build a life for themselves and think outside of the box!

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